All client access to WERN services must be referred by an existing Member Agency or Rotary Club. WERN currently have over 50 member Agencies with over 350 accredited Case managers available to refer clients in need of material aid and additional support as needed. Client needs stem from a range of circumstances and our member agencies serve a variety of needs. If you currently have a support agency working with you and you are unsure if they hold a WERN membership email us at for advice or to contact them for assistance.

Member Rotary Clubs may choose to refer clients from their local community and assist the client with logistics when they are approached with requests. Circumstances around each request will be considered on an individual and confidential basis when applications are made. To lodge a  request to your local Member Rotary Club please email your details and circumstances to and WERN will respond as quickly as possible. This service is not meant as an emergency first response as WERN works with independent third parties for delivery of this support and cannot guarantee all requests can be catered for.